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Cashout Loan for Commercial Real Estate Properties

Commercial real estate investors are challenged by the time it takes to source a quality loan for their unique investment strategy.  The Madison Group works for you to arrange alternative loan options from the nation’s top lenders, so you will feel confident that you have chosen the optimal financing for your long term investment goals.

For 20 years our clients have benefited from creative solutions and quality loan products. Sourcing quality loan rates and terms is what we do for you.  We research the market and provide you with the optimal financing for loan terms and proceeds for cash out loans.

As a commercial finance consultant, our commitment is to provide superior capital market expertise and highly competitive loan products that enhance our clients in their endeavor to create and preserve wealth.

Our extensive network of trusted and flexible lenders provides you with the best avenue to your commercial real estate investment goals.

Our clients benefit from competitive loan terms for acquisition, refinance or recapitalization.  Property types include multi-family, mobile home parks, office, industrial, self-storage, hospitality, and other primary commercial property types. We arrange loan products that can create greater investment yields for real estate investors and business owners.

What is a Cash Out Loan?

With a cash-out refinance loan, you will refinance an existing mortgage for a larger amount than the original mortgage. The difference between the original loan and the cash-out refinance loan results in cash back to you, based on the refinanced equity. The cash out or equity provides additional funds to you to use for other purposes.

Reasons to Take Cash Out of Investment Properties

  • Purchase another property

  • Buy out a partner

  • Pay for tenant improvements

  • Pay for rehab work on a distressed property

  • Business line of credit 

  • Paying for Equipment, Inventory or other Business or Capital Expenses

  • Cash for operations

  • Leasing new equipment

  • Renovate, expand or repair an existing structure

  • Build a new structure

  • Pay outstanding bills

When it comes to financing a commercial property, The Madison Group (TMG) offers you a commitment to provide superior capital market expertise and highly competitive loan products. 

Contact us today, and our in-house team of financial experts will help you learn more about cash out loans.

How you benefit from working with TMG:

  • Create greater cash flow and save time sourcing rates and terms that increase your cash flow
  • We fully analyze your transaction so you avoid pitfalls and costly surprises
  • Receive offers from more than one source
  • Accessing multiple lending programs/institutions/lenders for financing options that fit your needs
  • Assistance every step of the way with our team of experienced commercial real estate lending professionals

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