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Recent Closing: $2.4M Nonrecourse Loan for Senior Mobile Home Park

Wednesday, Jul 22, 2015
by Jeff Meierhofer

Transaction Description:  The Madison Group (TMG), a commercial loan broker, has facilitated the financing  of a Senior Mobile Home Park. The park has102 pads with 96 occupied and was being underutilized with excessive expenses. The park had a somewhat storied history, but was an excellent purchase – with great potential upside for our experienced group of investors

The borrowers took the property under contract with a down payment and a short-term seller carryback note. To finalize this purchase the group looked to enhance their position by creating a larger loan than would be possible at the time of getting the park under contract. TMG was able to provide a funding source that gave them a larger loan amount, based on the increased value from the time of contract to the time of closing the long term financing. The buyers were able to pay back their investors and have a holdback for additional monies upon hitting certain milestones.

Challenges:  The borrowing group required a non-recourse loan to provide a vehicle for the investment team. When the park was purchased, it had below current market rents and higher than normal expenses. The borrower needed to get a loan that would allow for trailing 3-4 month in-place income while they raised the income and lowered the expenses.

TMG successfully closed the transaction, locking in a great rate of 4.90% with a10 year fixed term, 30 year amortization, and LTV of 78.5%. The final loan amount exceeded normal underwriting standards based on the lenders ability to set aside additional funds that will be dispersed upon the continued reduction of expenses and increased revenues. Once the borrower hits the milestones funding the final tranche will be dispersed. This allowed the borrowers to maximize their loan amount and to capture the aggressive rates available in the market and to avoid refinancing at a future date to recapture equity. It also allows buyers to have monies available for the purchase of other properties.

The financing was arranged by Jeff Meierhofer at The Madison Group.

The Madison Group is a commercial loan broker and consultant specializing in financing for investor properties nationwide. TMG provides flexible and reliable capital for real estate acquisitions, refinances, and re-capitalizations for a variety of property types including:  multifamily, mobile home parks, credit tenant NNN net lease, office, retail, industrial, self-storage and other commercial properties in the United States.  Established in 2001, The Madison Group’s intention is to provide highly competitive loan products through its superior capital market expertise and quality sources of capital.  TMG works efficiently and effectively to get the transaction closed and funded.

The Madison Group and Jeff Meierhofer can be reached at 435-785-8350 or by emailing Jeff at

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