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The Madison Group arranged a $6,150,000 non-recourse loan to refi a 160 pad RV Park in CO

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Wednesday, Sep 07, 2022
by Brandi Link

The Madison Group (TMG), a leading national lending source of RV Park financing, arranged the $6,150,000 loan to refinance a 160 pad RV Park in Colorado. The all-age transient RV Park is situated on 19 acres with several amenities including a clubhouse, pool, pavilion, playground, store, volleyball courts, and more.

The client came to TMG looking to refinance the private construction loan they secured to build the 5-star RV Park. The client’s goal was to secure a non-recourse loan at a high enough leverage to pay off the construction loan at the best interest rate. TMG was able to arrange a non-recourse loan at 65% leverage, a 10-year fixed rate of 6.14%, and a 30-year amortization. Additionally, the client was able to lock in his interest rate prior to closing to hedge against rising interest rates.

TMG was able to help the client meet his goals by arranging a loan that not only met his short-term goals but also his long-term investment strategy.

Location: Colorado

Property: 160 Pad RV Park

Loan Amount: $6,150,000

Interest Rate: 6.14%

Term: 10 Years

Amortization: 30 Years

Prepayment: Typical Early Unwind Rate Swap Provisions

LTV: 65%

Recourse: non-recourse

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