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The Madison Group arranges a $1,840,000 loan for the purchase of a fractured condominium property in Oklahoma.

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Wednesday, Jul 13, 2022
by Robert

The Madison Group (TMG), a leading national source for multifamily term loans, arranged the purchase financing for 35 rental units.   The client came to TMG seeking maximum proceeds for a challenging property type.  TMG sourced a balance sheet lender to provide 80% financing plus closing costs.   The lender was flexible in underwriting the borrower’s projections including the loss to lease and provided a ample runway in covenant testing to allow the borrower time to take over the property’s operations and improve the operations.  

Loan Amount:  $1,840,000

Loan To Value:  80% + Closing Costs

Interest Rate:  5.5%

Term:  5 Years

Amortization:  25 Years

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