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The Madison Group arranged a $2,078,641 multifamily construction loan to finance an 18 unit development in Utah.

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Wednesday, Apr 27, 2022
by Jared Shupe

The Madison Group (TMG), a leading source for multifamily construction and multifamily term loans, arranged a $2,078,641 construction loan for an 18 unit multifamily development in Utah

The borrower had unique needs with the construction of this project and needed a trusted lending partner to see them through the process.  They relied on The Madison Group to introduce them to a lender that not only had great rates, terms, structure and advance rates, but could also work through the contruction lending and draw process.  The Madison Group found a fantastic fit with a regional lender that specializes in multifamily construction to be the trusted partner the borrower needed. The loan funded  as quoted and on time.   

Location:  Hurricane, UT

Property:  18 unit multifamily construction

Loan Amount: $2,078,641

Interest Rate:  Prime + 1.50%

Term:   18 months

Amortization:   N/A

Prepayment:  None

LTV:   75%

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