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Closed Loan: $2M cash out refinance Office in Utah

Tags: Office Financing, Cash out loans
Friday, Apr 03, 2020
by Brandi L

Summary:  The Madison Group (TMG), a leading national lending source of office financing, arranged the $2,040,000 cash out refinance for two professional office buildings in Utah.  The borrower’s goals were to get a cash out refinance to pay off his current debt, return some capital he used for improvements, and have additional funds available to renovate other properties in his portfolio. TMG worked with the lender to negotiate and secure the requested cash out requirements of the borrower.

Location:  Utah 

Property:  Office             

Loan Amount: $2,040,000

Interest Rate:  4.25%

Term:   10 Year Term - fixed for 5 years

Amortization:   25 Years 

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