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What is a Cash Out Loan?

With a cash-out refinance loan, you will refinance an existing mortgage for a larger amount than the original mortgage. The difference between the original loan and the cash-out refinance loan results in cash back to you, based on the refinanced equity. The cash out or equity provides additional funds to you to use for other purposes.

Reasons to Take Cash Out of Investment Properties

  • Purchasing another property
  • Buying out a partner
  • Paying for tenant improvements
  • Paying for rehab work on a distressed property
  • Business line of credit  
  • Paying for Equipment, Inventory, or other Business or Capital Expenses
  • Cash for Operations
  • Leasing new equipment
  • Renovate, expand or repair an existing structure
  • Build a new structure
  • Pay outstanding bills

  • When it comes to financing a commercial property, a commercial loan broker that has years of expertise can save a great amount of time and money for its clients.  The Madison Group (TMG) provides a commitment to provide superior capital market expertise and highly competitive loan products.  This enhances the firm’s ability to serve their clients in their endeavor to create and preserve wealth. 

    TMG and its network of lenders ensure that the clients have access to the best loan programs in the country. Whether it's an initial purchase or a refinance their dedicated staff works with owners of commercial real estate to ensure the loan meets the client’s financial goals.  

    TMG has been one of the leading brokerage and loan consulting firms in the western states for over 15 years. We approach all we do with an efficient, effective, and ethical mindset to provide you with the best loan experience possible. Contact us today, and our in-house team of financial experts will help you learn more about cash out loans.

    Cashout Closings & News


    Loan Amount:
    Rate: 3.99% (Fixed for 5 yrs)
    Term: 10/30
    Loan type: Purchase
    Feature: 1031 Exchange
    Loan Amount: $1,900,000


    Term: 10/30
    Loan Type: Refinance
    Feature: Nonrecourse
    Loan Amount: $2,400,000
    Rate: 4.6%
    Term: 15/30
    Loan Type: Refinance
    Feature: Recent stabilization
    Loan Amount: $3,650,000

    Rate: 3.925%
    Term: 10/30
    Loan type: Refinance
    Feature: Flexible Prepayment

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